Just like you, years ago I was asked by close friends of mine (Shawn and Julie) to officiate their wedding.  Soon after committing to marrying them, I found myself wondering why I told them yes.  This was the “oh God, what did I get myself into” feeling.  After buying many wedding books and searching online for a quick-fix solution, I discovered there was no easy solution and that I was going to have to create something on my own.

I sat down and thought about those things I liked and disliked about weddings.  From there I started to assemble and outline to a wedding that I thought would be well received by the bride and groom, as well as the hundreds of people in the audience.  It took about two months, but after it was all said and done, I had assembled which I came to be a one of a kind wedding ceremony.

Following my first officiating experience, I was asked to marry more of my friends because they really liked the wedding ceremony.  Seeing that many of the same groups of friends would attend each wedding, I had to create new wedding ceremonies in an effort to avoid being accused of reusing material.  So after years of officiating weddings, I have compiled long list of wedding ceremony templates that I now can share with you.

Writing in general is not easy, so writing a wedding ceremony is extremely challenging.  I hope that you find the wedding ceremony templates that I provide you useful. Good Luck!

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