Creating Custom Wedding Ceremonies, One Vow at a Time. is designed to assist the everyday person in preparing and officiating a personalized and unforgettable wedding ceremony.  This website will provide you with all the necessary ideas and examples including sample wedding vows, poems and scriptures that you need in order to develop and deliver the perfect wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Ceremony Templates

The process of creating a wedding ceremony address can be broken down into three steps: 1) Planning, 2) Writing, 3) Delivery.  The products that we provide you enable you to execute each step.

  • A roadmap that takes you from initiating the wedding process, to creating the ceremony, and ultimately delivering the ceremony.
  • Multiple Wedding Ceremony Templates that have been created with to please a wide variety of couples and audiences.
  • A couple’s questionnaire that when completed will provide you with gems of information to incorporate into your marriage ceremony.
  • An endless list of poems, quotes, scriptures, and sample wedding vows that are appropriate for wedding ceremonies.
  • Coaching techniques and suggestions to make your delivery unforgettable!

What They Say

The process that Aaron went through with the bride & groom allowed Aaron to understand what Tyler & Michelle wanted on this special day and made it happen. The thought that went into the ceremony, with a little humor as well , made it a most memorable experience for all. – Steve

- Steve

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Not all of us are gifted writers or speakers, therefore serves as a useful guide for those of us that are looking for assistance in preparing and officiating a wedding ceremony.  This site provides a wide variety of wedding ceremony templates, quotes, poems, scriptures and sample wedding vows that you can pick and pull from to help you prepare a thoughtful and creative wedding ceremony.  When delivered, these marriage ceremonies captivate the audience from start to finish.

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